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Edge of Tomorrow

I sure enjoyed this. I love me some sci-fi, I love me some mech suits, and I love me some interesting storytelling, and this movie had it all. And I still enjoy watching Tom Cruise in a movie, still think he’s good at what he does — hey, I even liked Oblivion — and thought he was just right for this. I don’t get why it didn’t do better at the the box office, as it’s pretty much the best action movie I’ve watched this year, along with Winter Soldier (yes, I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet).

Rayman Fiesta Run

I really liked Rayman Jungle Run — which I think is the most successfully executed platformer on iOS — and I finally got around to playing the sequel, Rayman Fiesta Run (it was on sale for a buck last week), and it’s just as fun, and looks maybe even better. Doing it as a non-stop runner is really the way to do a game like this, and the simple jump and punch controls, by hitting the sides of the screen, work perfectly. Sure, it’s not better than Rayman Origins or Legends, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s a great way to play a Rayman game — with the fantastic art direction you’d expect from the series — on touch devices.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Why is it that the X-Men movies have absolutely the worst character designs in the super-hero filmscape — I mean, just awful. I could barely stand looking at the screen anytime Quicksilver was on, even though he is the main part of the only 3 things I liked in this movie: the sequence where he uses his powers and everything goes to slo-mo, the use of Blink’s powers (which show that a Portal movie could be pretty damn cool), and the sequence after the closing credits. First Class was at least more fun to watch.

Velocity 2X

I liked Velocity Ultra, but wow, Velocity 2X is really something else. The ship sequences are still as fun as ever, but what really stands out are the old school Metroid-like 2D action/platforming sequences, when you’re out of your ship. I like how you go from one to the other throughout a level, and the emphasis on trying to go fast and smoothly through levels is also shared between the two styles of play. Even though I have it both on PS4 and Vita, so far I’ve just been playing on Vita. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member and a Vita owner, it’s been a pretty fantastic month.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I’m a bit surprised considering I’m not big into fighting games, and that I know this game didn’t do well in general, but I’m actually having a really fun time with it (it’s currently free for Playstation Plus members). I’ve only been playing on Vita so far, but I took Ratchet and just loved going through stages with him, with the wacky shooting moves (with typical Ratchet weaponry), and the stages are cool too. I think it’ll be fun playing this when I have friends over, although I now wish I had 4 PS3 controllers for it. Sure, I’m really looking forward to Smash Bros., but it is pretty fun battling with all of these PlayStation-related characters. 

Joe Danger

I love the Joe Danger games so much, I’ve played all of them — including the fantastic iOS versions — and I’m still happy to be playing the first one, this time on Vita. It’s still fun, and it does feel really good on Vita. I’m of course so excited for No Man’s Sky, but the fact that it’s the maker of this series making it, even though it’s so different, makes me that much more confident that it will be a fantastic game. 


What a fantastic game. Minter’s been releasing psychedelic shooters for what seems like forever, and this is absolutely the best game he’s released as Llamasoft. It looks gorgeous on the Vita screen, and although it takes some time to get used to Tempest controls with a stick or even d-pad (which I prefer), I’m loving it. If you’re a Playstation Plus member, grab this now.

Deep Under the Sky

This is a near perfect game on iOS. Just look at those visuals, which look even better when everything is moving, and add on gameplay that evolves as you go from chapter to chapter, but remains a one-button game the whole time. Touching that button initiates various abilities which are all lined up in the same order no matter how many times you restart the level — and that’s what you use to move around and destroy a bunch of targets. It’s incredibly fast, which means you restart immediately after you blow something up, or blow yourself up. So fun.

Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork

I can’t remember why I didn’t pick this up earlier — since I quite like James Kochalka’s work (including his music) — but it’s on sale for a buck right now and so I grabbed it, and I suddenly got addicted to it. It takes Space Invaders, mixed in with Gorf, with more movement on the ground, and the occasional jump (which is the only part I don’t really like). So shoot, shoot, shoot, unlock new weapons, all sorts of variety in enemies and the movement attacks, which all amounts to addictive fun.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Having so many friends excited for this game — when it was released earlier this month in Japan — got me excited for it too, and I’m really glad I picked it up. It’s a 2D Mega Man-like action platformer, and yes, it’s fun to play, and it also has a cool cyberpunk setting — you’re facing off against a big corporation. I’m still quite early in the game — I’ve only defeated 2 bosses — but I like that I can change up my abilities and equipment, and the dialogue has been fun too. It’s also great that you also get a free download of an 8-bit-like nod to the upcoming Mighty No. 9, called Mighty Gunvolt.